8 Principles for successful Health Data Governance

8 « Health Data Governance Principles « ,clustered around three overarching objectives to strengthen national and/or regional health data governance approaches so that the public value of health data can be maximized whilst protecting individual rights.

  • Protect people as individuals, as groups, and as communities :

Protect individuals and communities

Build trust in data systems

Ensure data security

  • Promote health value through data sharing and innovation :

Enhance health systems and services

Promote data sharing and interoperability

Facilitate innovation using health data

  • Prioritise equity by ensuring equitable distribution of benefits that arise from the use of data in health systems :

Promote equitable benefits from health data

Establish data rights and ownership

Let’s have a look at each of the principles designed to complement and reinforce one another in a little more detail through the report founded by Fondation Botnar to ensure designing and delivering a Data Governance framework successfully. By incorporating the Principles into data governance frameworks, instruments, treaties, regulations, standards and guidance, policymakers and other stakeholders can align around a shared vision where all people and communities are able to share, use and benefit from health data.

Lire plus: https://healthdataprinciples.org/principles.