Exploring the role of AI in post-market pharmacovigilance and patient support programmes

There are several challenges to realising the patient-centric future enabled by adopting AI-enabled pharmacovigilance (PV) and patient support programmes (PSPs). In its report ‘Intelligent post-launch patient support – Enhancing patient safety with AI’, Deloitte identified multiple steps that can be taken to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Over the next few years, patient-centric support services provide an opportunity to make patients equal partners in decision-making and help biopharma companies deliver safer, more personalised health outcomes. AI-enabled PSPs will transform biopharma’s relationship with patients improving enrolment, adherence, and retention. Implemented alongside an AI-supported PV system that enables patients to identify and report real-time adverse events directly and the rise of end-to-end advanced visibility will improve the safety of medications across the biopharma industry, ultimately delivering improved patient outcomes.